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Phone:  206-965-8590


About DocuSign

At Kent State University, security of information is imperative, and to maintain this security, many systems are in place. In many instances, acquiring access can be challenging due to the approvals needed, quite often in signature form. Though these challenges may be time consuming, they are necessary to protect the University, and the Faculty, staff, and Students of Kent state. 

With the introduction of the DocuSign application, the process of routing documents for signature, approving requests, and tracking timeline progress is simpler and more efficient. Documents are signed and forwarded digitally and instantly, to reduce time and effort, and minimize the potential for lost paperwork. 

This wiki presents the tools and their uses within the DocuSign application and how to use them to effectively send documents through the approval chain in a digital format, improving the process, while maintaining and even increasing security. 


To empower Kent State to send, sign, and manage documents anytime, anywhere, on any device with confidence. DocuSign replaces printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting documents with a way to make every approval and decision digital.


DocuSign simplifies the signature and approval process for documents by creating a format for utilizing prepared document templates, inserting specific data, and preparing a routing queue to initiate a request form. The Document Routing is initiated by creating a digital Envelope in which an Online Document is sent for approvals, or other actions by those listed in the created queue. A Form Management section of the application delivers tracking information throughout the approval process and through to the completion and the authorization of the documents. 

This application streamlines the process to Initiate, Approve, and Monitor the document in the approval process, saving time and effort using a secure and consistent system. 

DocuSign User Guide

For a brief overview of the DocuSign Platform and some technical details on the insides and outs of DocuSign, please read through the provided DocuSign User Guide. 

DocuSign Demo Video

Inside you will find tips and tricks for navigating the platform, and how you will be working through DocuSign as an end user. This is a brief video demo and overview of the DocuSign Electronic Signature application.

DocuSign Sending Tutorial

This is a brief video tutorial in which we walk through the sending process within the DocuSign Electronic Signature Application. How to originate documents, how do they flow once sent, and what can we do with them when they have been completed are all questions that will be answered in the provided video.

Note: Please direct any questions or concerns to and we will work as quickly as possible to address these for you. 

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